Posted by: j | August 24, 2009

Pre-Election Lebanon

Yes, I know, the Lebanese elections are over.

And if I had had a reliable source of speedy wi-fi, maybe I could have posted these photos before the results of the election were in.  But I suppose things such as this are better late than never.

Witnessing the dynamic nature of Lebanese politics in action was absolutely exhilarating, especially coming from Egypt, whose regime hasn’t changed in roughly 30 years.  Lebanon’s political system is far from perfect, but compared to the rampant stagnation and corruption under Mubarak’s faux-democratic regime, Lebanon seemed like a beacon of transparency.   Maybe because the opposition parties aren’t immediately imprisoned after the first round of elections?  Just a guess.

I found the campaign posters especially interesting, and really wanted to post them.


"It works for you" campaign poster, referring to the elections themselves


"Lebanon Lives"


"Stability Today and Tomorrow"


"She's beautiful, and VOTES"


"Security First, Vote First"


Hezbollah's Campaign posters


"Zahle is NOT for Sale." Referring to political corruption in Lebanon


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