Posted by: rachelschoen | November 10, 2008

!Fería de Abril!

Fería is a week long cultural and traditional festival held in April every year in Sevilla. It was going on all this past week but we traveled for the first part of the week because everyone says the first part of the week is very private and only locals are really allowed in the tents. So basically imagine a gi-normous fairground with thousands of colorful(green red, yellow) striped tents in lines and rows that went on forever. The tents were either private or public(but mostly private) and if they were private they were still open so you could see inside but there was some guard at the front of it. The tents belonged to different political parties, businesses, or even wealthier friends and families had private tents. Each tent was decorated differently inside- some were in fact very fancy and elaborate with nice tables and bars set up inside too. Almost all of them had live spanish music and people dancing, and a bar with food.

My favorite part of Feria is the Spanish dress. All the women had on bright, colorful spanish dresses- usually fitted at the top and then they poof out in ruffles at the bottom. They almost all wore flowers in their hair too. The men were dressed mostly in suits and a lot of them were riding around on horses through the Feria grounds with their wife or girlfriend riding sideways on the back!

Anyway Fería had more than just tents too. At one end of Fería there was an amusement park basically that they had brought in. They had all the rides you would see at a regular fair- two huge feris wheels, bungee jump, boomerang, etc. Also, they had all your regular fair games and you play to win those huge stuffed animals. They even had cotton candy and caramel apple stands too! I was quite impressed with Feria.

ALL these things went on the entire week pretty much 24 hours a day. When we went there at night we would lose track of time and look at our watches and all of a sudden realize it was incredibly late because the fairgrounds were still packed and no one even realized it was that late! But also I would go there during the day around noon and one oclock and there was still a large number of people there. When do they sleep?

This festival in Sevilla is a HUGE deal obviously in Spain and it very well known here. Spaniards from all over the country come to Sevilla during this week. Therefore it was jam-packed thursday friday saturday and last night. It was incredible though and a great example of spanish culture to see.



  1. Education Abroad is awesome!

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